Slots are easy to break

Slots are easy to break, Flirting Scholar, PG SLOT camp

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Flirting Scholar Slots are easy to break from PG

Slots are easy to break

For this game, it is a slot game that uses the story of Tang Bohu, a great philosopher from Jiangnan. He has good intelligence. be creative Still have the ability to invent letters. Until Chao had the opportunity to meet Hua and the four maids at the temple, he fell in love with Qiuxiang, Hua’s maid, so he disguised himselfHe was a servant to get close to Qiuxiang, but at the same time The troubled prince then went to Hua’s house to create chaos, causing Tang Bohu to disguise himself. You must reveal your identity. to help Hua’s family 

And when Qiuxiang came to the truth that Tang Bohu, the man she fell in love with, lied. So she resisted Tang Bohu, but the prince’s danger to the Hua family caused Tang Bohu to use his own intelligence to bring back peace, causing the Hua family to allow Tang Bohu and Qiuxiang to get married 

Symbol details in Flirting Scholar Slots are easy to break

This slot game is a 5-reel, 3-row video game with the Wild symbol, increasing your chances of winning. Even more easily, there is a Scatter symbol that allows you to enter the free spins feature. and enter the opportunity to spin the free bonus and enter many big prizes And the important symbols in this game are

The Wild symbol is a special symbol. The Tang Bohu symbol can be used with all other symbols except the Scatter. to help you Enter to win big prizes like Super Win, Mega Win and Super Mega Win 

The Scatter symbol is a special symbol in the shape of a veiled girl. If you get this symbol Complete with the number of lines from 3, 4 or 5 on the reels, you will be instantly entered into the free spins feature for up to 5 rounds, making it easier to access the prizes

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